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Ever dreamed of a piece of land shared by a community, where every member has a say and sustainability is the name of the game? That's where we step in! Dive into the fundamentals of collective land management and understand the legal, social, and environmental intricacies of creating a successful land share. We'll unwrap the layers of cooperative ownership models, agrarian reform history, and the latest in permaculture design principles. You'll leave with a treasure trove of knowledge on consensus decision-making, conflict resolution, and the nitty-gritty of land trusts.

But here's the real kicker — it's not just theory! We'll get our hands dirty with real-world applications that prepare you to plant the seeds of community and watch them grow, literally. This session is specifically for LGBTQ folks of color--but ANYONE can learn from the tools offered. Whether you're itching to start a community garden, dreaming up a co-housing project, or rallying neighbors for a local park initiative, you'll be equipped with the tools to get started. This is where your green dreams take root and the power of community blossoms into action!

What you will learn

You know, it all began with the idea that individuals like you, eager to strengthen their local communities, deserved a streamlined and impactful learning experience. That's exactly what this has shaped up to be. As we pieced it together, every module, every lesson was meticulously chosen to ensure you're getting the most relevant, actionable knowledge out there. We're talking nuts-and-bolts strategies that will empower you to engage with and uplift the neighborhood around you. It's hands-on, it's clear-cut, and trust me, it's got everything you need to start making a real difference on the ground. Plus, the way the content flows—it's like a well-constructed symphony, each part building seamlessly on the last, guiding you through the complexities of local land management and community collaboration without missing a beat.


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With over a decade of dedicated experience working at the intersection of environmental stewardship and social equity, I (Cole), have forged my career around the principles of sustainable land management and community empowerment. Holding a MSc In Gender and Economics from the London School of Economics, my journey has taken me through diverse roles, from advising grassroots initiatives to collaborating with governmental organizations aimed at promoting collective land ownership and community development models.

As the facilitator of the Community Collective Land Session, my passion for fostering inclusive spaces where community members can learn, share, and strategize about land use resonates deeply with the course’s ethos. My approach is rooted in a belief that collective wisdom and collaborative effort are the bedrock of sustainable land practices. That communities become FREE when we own the bricks that build them. So that we can permanently take them off the market. Through this course, I am eager to connect with individuals who share a vision of cultivating lands that serve as a foundation for stronger, environmentally conscious, and self-sufficient communities. My commitment is not only to educate but to learn alongside my students, as we explore innovative pathways towards a harmonious future where land is more than a resource — it is a shared legacy.


Fostering Autonomy and Collaboration in Local Land Management


Shaping the Future of Community Spaces Through Shared Stewardship


Exploring Creative Approaches to Community-Led Land Use